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Penis enlargement can be achieved by Penile Lengthening and Penile Girth Augmentation. Both procedures can be combined or done separately.

Penile Lengthening: Length of penis can be increased by 2 cm to 4 cm without putting artificial implant. This is achieved by release of ligaments.

Penile Girth Augmentation: Girth of penis can be increased by derma fat grafting or by fat transfer. Girth is also increased by 2cm to 4 cm circumference wise.

Procedures can be done as o.p.d. basis.



1.    Penile enlagement/Penile Lengthening :


Mild length increase by inferior displacement of penis occurs by release of the suspensory ligaments and restricting bands of Scarpa fascia. Release of ligament frees more of the penis to be stretched ,therby allowing greater gain. Real length gain can be achieved by combining ligament release with the use of special penil weights or stretching devises that act as an external tissue expanders.Procedure is done under local or general anaesthesia. May require one day admission.


2.    Penile Girth Augmentation:


Girth of the penis can be increased by 2cm to 2.5cm in circumference. This can be achieved by 2 method 1. Dermafat graft and 2. Fat transfer. Procedure can be done under local or general anaesthesia . may require one day admission.

Penile lengthening and penile girth augmentation can be combined.





                                 PENILE LENGTHENING



                                                          ( 3.5 cm )                                    ( 6.0 cm )


                                                     ( 7.2 cm )                               ( 9 cm )




                                                          Before                              After   

                      PENILE GIRTH AUGMENTATION









                                                       Before                                       After 





                                        Before                                           After


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