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Breast Augmentation:


Hypomastia (Small breast) can be Congenital, Post lactational and post menopausal. Breast Augmentation is very satisfying cosmetic Surgery Procedure achieved with silicon gel or saline implant. It gives women lot of self confidence and  self belief. Implant can be inserted by various incisions like 1. Inframammary , most preferred. 2. Periareolar 3.Transaxillary


Procedure is mainly done under general anaesthesia. May require one day admission.





Breast Augmentation 1



           Before                                   After


Breast Augmentation 2






Before                                        After


Breast Augmentation 3






Before                                 After


Breast Augmentation 4




Before                             After


Breast Augmentation 5






Before                     After


Breast Augmentation 6






Before                               After


                                  Breast Augmentation 7






Before                                After


Breast Augmentation 8






Before                                 After


Breast Augmentation 9






Before                           After


Breast Augmentation 10




Before                          After


Breast Augmentation 11






Before                            After



Breast Augmentation 12






        Before                 After              Before                  After


Breast Augmentation 13






Before                                        After


Augmentation 14







Before                                        After


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